Looking to sell your antiques? Here at we have a team of experienced anqtique dealers who pay top prices for your unwanted antique, we have made the process of selling antiques simple and secure.  Simply fill in our online enquiry form below with as much details as you know about the antiques you wish to sell, and upload a few photos and a member of our appraisal team will get in touch to let you know our intial estimate.  We buy lots of different kinds of antiques from antique jewellery to antique furniture we will consider most pieces.

Often those looking to sell their antiques are actually talking about selling anitques that they have inherited or items that have been in the family for a number of years, this means that they don’t even know what the initial purchase price was and have nothing with which to compare offers. What kind of antiques do we buy ? We buy a wide range of antiques from furniture to jewellery, silverware and collectables, we will consider most antique pieces.

If you’re thinking about selling your antiques and pondering over the question: ‘where and how can I sell my antiques?’ then our useful guide at the bottom of this page explaines how to sell antiques and will hopefully be able to help. We’ve put together an article which just gives you  an overview of the different ways to sell antiques – such as selling antiques through specialist dealers or through the internet – as well as looking at the pros and cons of each method. Hopefully these helpful articles will give you more confidence when you’re looking to sell your antiques and will help you get started.

And remember, if you’d like to get an initial estimate on your antiques from us just fill in our online enquiry form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible to let you know our price, selling to is convenient and a trustworthy way to sell, you can simply upload your photos below. Please include as much detail as possible about the antiques including any damage or scratches, signs of wear ect We’ll provide you with a free quote and your antique items can be picked up direct from your door by a member of our appraisal team if you live locally or our courier service.  Your items are insured at all times.  If you choose to accept our offer payments are made via bank transfer which takes just 1 working day or cash, we have made our process simple and secure so what are you waiting for find out how much your antiques are worth today .


Recieve a quote on the jewellery you wish to sell today just fill in our enquiry form below with a few details about your jewellery and a member of our appriasal team will get back to you today.

    The first thing we tend to do these days when we’re looking to buy or sell antiques is to look online. If you Google ‘sell antique French furniture’ for example you will discover thousands of sites from all over the world and you will start to get inundated with information you won’t know what to do with. So where should you begin?


    If you don’t happen to be an expert it’s advisable to find out as much as you can before you start the process:

    • Speak to antique dealers, specialist websites and auction houses to gauge the value of your items.
    • A third-party valuation is useful for you to have when speaking to potential buyers so you will know if the offers they make are in the right price range for the current market
    • To sell your antiques online it’s improtant to upload good quality images of the item, as well as any manufacturer marks and most importantly any flaws, scratches or things that could affect the valuation
    • Try to assess serious buyers so you don’t get people wasting your time.


    There are lots of variables involved in selling antiques so the first thing you should try to find out is simply whether your item is authentic? Do you know when it was made? Do you know who the manufacturer was? Do you have any of the original documentation, including a Certificate of Authenticity?

    Maybe the piece has been in your family or years, maybe it is too big and or maybe you need to raise some cash. Whatever your reasons, it’s important to understand your options when it comes to selling. 


    With it’s easier than ever to sell your valuables.

    It’s often far easier to sell antiques online simply because you can’t put it in a bag and take it to High Street Shop . At, we offer highly competitive prices for your antiques and, what’s more, we do it in a safesecure and trustworthy way.

    • our process is simple
    • We have a small team of experienced appraisers who have a vast knowledge of the current antique market.
    • We have a large network of buyers accross the UK which means we can offer our clients the best prices.
    • Our experts make selling antiques easy and hassle-free for you
    • Simply fill in our enquiry form and upload a few photos and our experts will give you a fast quote
    • We can collect your items for FREE and they are insured while in transit between you and us
    • Where payment is concerned, we use secure online payment facilities or we can make deposits direct into your bank account

    We buy a wide range of Antiques just ask if you are not sure if we would purchase your piece.

    Selling Your Antiques At Auction

    Auction houses sell antiques regulary and will most likely be accurate to the pieces current market value but you need to take a number of factors into consideration

    There are often fees and commissions attached to selling antiques at auction so make sure you ask the auction house what they are and how they are to be paid.

    The sale price of your item really depends on how popular it is and who’s in the room on the day. You could be lucky and have a bidding war going on between buyers, if there’s a poor turnout, you might end up selling at a price that fails to meet your ideal estimations after the gavel comes down, which there is not much you can do about this.

    Selling Your Antiques To  Pawnbrokers

    Pawnbrokers don’t ‘buy’ antiques, they loan you an amount of money and you use the item as collateral against the loan. If you want the piece back, you will have to repay the loan amount as well as interest fees so just be aware of these factors before you enter into an agreement of this type. Generally, pawnbrokers are more often used by those wishing to jewellery but they can often help out with antiques as well.

    Selling Your Antiques To Dealers

    Specialist dealers can help you with finding a buyer, but sometimes they will charge you a valuation fee,for finding you an interested buyer and fees for selling your items on. Also remember that if they offer to buy your item from you, their offers may be less than you could achieve through a private sale, since they will be making a profit margin.

    Selling Your Antique French Furniture – Peer-To-Peer Trading Sites

    On some selling websites, you have no idea who your potential purchasers are and you can find that perfect buyer is willing to pay above the odds. However, you can also find yourself facing few takers or people wasting your time. In addition, you also need to be aware of issues surrounding communication with as well as payments and deliveries and collections. Make sure you follow any security guidelines issued by the service itself as well as any official advice from police. 


    If you’re after cash for your antiques today speak to our experts here at and we’ll give you a fast, no-obligation offer.