Tiffany jewelry has long been a Luxury and iconic brand known for it’s beautiful craftmenship diamond rings. But when it comes to selling a Tiffany engagement ring, there are a few factors to know. Once you have worked through all of the emotional attatchment  surrounding your ring, you will need to figure out how the selling process works. To help make the process easier, we have gathered 3 simple step-by-step instructions on how to sell a Tiffany engagement ring.


While Tiffany diamonds are priced higher than diamonds of no specific brand, their value still depreciates like other diamonds once they are sold, the same as when you go to sell your car the value won’t be the same as you paid origionally.

Don’t expect to obtain the price you initially paid for it. Depending on the Tiffany ring, you will typically receive 15%-40% of the retail price paid for the ring. You can rest assured, however, that with Tiffany branded items you will receive a premium price.

The condition of the item will also play a part in its second hand value. Any chips or damage to the band or stone or ring will affect the price you are offered.

 Do you have the box and paperwork for the Tiffany ring ?

 If you have the origional box and paperwork thats better for when you come to sell your Tiffany ring the certificate will contain all the necessary information needed in order to get you an accurate estimate. Your ring’s certification papers and boxing are very important when it comes to determining the value of your ring. This helps with re-selling the ring to get you the best price for the item.

If you don’t have the box or paperwork ?

Not a problem. You can still sell your Tiffany engagement ring. 

We will carry out an appraisal if you don’t have the paperwork or if you don’t happen to the the specs of the diamonds such as the carat weights and the quality of the diamonds.

– You may have an insurance appraisal with the details of the diamonds on, however, do not view this report as an accurate estimate of how valuable your ring is as valuations especially if for insurance purposes don’t reflect the secondary market. That report only applies to insurance value of the diamond. 

– If you don’t have the origional paperwork from when you  purchaseed the ring, you can contact Tiffany & Co. to request the official paperwork.

Get a Quote For Your Tiffany Engagement Ring

Here at we make the process of selling your Tiffany ring simple and secure.  Our online process is fast and you receive payment within 24 hours of accepting our offer.

To receive your quote just fill in the details you know below about the Tiffany ring as much as you know.  And upload a few photos along with a copy of any certifcate or paperwork you may have to accompany your Tiffany engagement ring. 

This will help us to provide you with an accurate estiamte.If your happy with our estimate, If your happy with our estimate we send you a pre-paid postage label via email that covers insurance so you can send the ring to our valuations department for an appraisal and offer.

Get Paid 

 If you choose to accept our offer payment is via bank transfer and takes just 1 day to clear.  If you dont wish to accept our offer we return your jewellery free of charge via fully insured and tracked mail.

Recieve  a quote on the jewellery you wish to sell today just fill in our enquiry form below with a few details about your jewellery and a member of our appriasal team will get back to you today.

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