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 Chanel is definatley one of the most iconic brands to this day, Chanel handbags are will remain a timeless classic.  The popular choice of handbag features a beautiful quilted pattern with interlocking CC’s and iconic shapes.

 Chanel is a word that offers luxury In addition to luxury handbags, the House of Chanel is most known for the “Little Black Dress,” and No. 5 Perfume. which was founded in 1909, Chanel remains a privately owned company, founded by its namesake Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel. Her first shop was at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris.

Chanel Handbag Guide

 The Chanel Flap Bag

Lets take a look at the Chanel Flap Handbag 

In 1955, Coco Chanel introduced what would become one of the most widely iconic handbags ever – double flap, with a mademoiselle closure and mademoiselle metal chain.

Coco Chanel wanted her hands free and so she outfitted the bag with double chains that can easily be slung onto the shoulder or the arm. It became more known as the 2.55 flap bag.

Over the years there have alot of variations to the original flap design: with the use of different leathers and fabrics, single flap vs. the original double flap, and different sizes available.

In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld joined the House of Chanel as the Artistic Director. While Coco Chanel designed the original interlocking CC logo, it was Karl Lagerfeld who introduced the interlocking CC closure on the flaps. 

Chanel classic flap

Chanel Classic Flap

 Let’s take a look at the Chanel Classic Flap bag it was created by Coco Chanel around the 1920s, and was re-designed around the 1980s by Karl Lagerfeld to include the CC turnlock. These bags are referred to by Chanel as part of the “Timeless Classic” collection. 

  • This bag comes in a variety of sizes six different sizes in total: the Mini, New Mini, Small, Medium, Jumbo and Maxi. The Jumbo and Maxi sizes were briefly available in a Single Flap style, but are now only available in a Double Flap style. 
Chanel Bag Size Chart
Size Guide for Chanel Bags

Chanel Reissue Flap

The Chanel flap bag was updated and released in 1955. Chanel released an exact copy of the original 2.55 in 2005 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the origional creation.

Chanel Reissue Flap Bag

Classic Chanel Styles

Chanel Handbag reference

Cerf Tote

This Chanel bag was released in 2005, which later became part of Chanel’s classic collection. The Cerf comes in four sizes; Small, Regular, Xl and Tall.


This is a tote style which has now been discontinued, the bag features an oversized CC medallion zipper pull.

Shopping Totes 

This is one of Chanel’s most popular styles it comes in a variety of sizes. Mainly made in Caviar leather and comes in a variety of colors, most popular in black and light beige.

GST for Grand Shopping Tote, PST for Petite Shopping Tote, PTT for Petite Timeless Tote, and XL.

Cambon Ligne

Made from smooth calfskin leather with a bold CC logo at the side, is again a very popular style was first introduced around 2004 and were extremely popular.

This handbag come with lots of colour variations and most of this line is now discontinued.

Boy Bags

Karl Lagerfeld designed the Boy Collection, Karl was stated as saying that the very spirit of Chanel was inspired by Boy Capel, the love of her life; which is why this new collection is called the “Boy Chanel.” Sizes: Small, Medium, New Medium and Large

Timeless Clutch

Also called the  ‘Kisslock’ clutch bag because of its CC frame closure. Typically this bag is only made in Caviar and lambskin leather, however it is occasionally made with exotic python.

Camera Case

The Camera Case is released often as part of the classic collection. The camera case comes in various sizes and has chances from being a small crossbody bag with the classic tassel pull closure.


One of the most popular styles, this wallet on a chain is constantly in creation using different styles and materials. The WOC is exactly what its name implies – the interior boasts several card slots, a zip pocket, and flat pockets, all on a chain strap.

Common Styles: Classic, Timeless, Boy, Half-Moon, Camellia, Cambon.

Woc Chanels


Lambskin Leather – Its soft it looks luxurious, and but it dose have a down side in that it can show up blemishes and scratches.Lambskin is fragile so needs to be treated with care.Chanel Lambskin  


Grained calfskin leather that is known for being very durable and holds its shape very well. Light scratches and blemishes don’t show up as easily on Caviar, which makes it a preference for everyday wear. 

Cavier Leather Chanel Handbag

Chanel Crinkled Calf Skin

This leather is commonly used for the Reissue flaps, this leather has a pre-wrinkled look.

Crinkled calf skin

The Chanel Camellia Flower

The camellia flower was said to be Coco Chanel’s favorite flower after receiving a bouquet of them from Boy Capel. She began pinning silk versions of it to the lapels of her jackets and in her hair. Chanel also features embossed leather with this pattern, featuring the CC logo inside the flowers. 

The Chanel Camilla Flower

Chanel Patent Leather

The patent leather is super glossy, but it has a down side patent leather can get transfer marks and is prone to wear marks such as fingerprints and can be easily marked if not properly taken care of.

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